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Natural Health Source: Natural Health Products from Shaklee
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Shaklee has a lot of very good products, but some of their best known products are supplements.

Let's talk about that for just a moment.

Many people pick up a bottle of vitamins and minerals at the grocery store and figure that they have taken a major step towards better health.

And, to some extent they have. However, there are some questions that should be asked:

What are the quality and effectiveness of these "supplements"?

What can they actually DO for you?

Are they safe to use?

And the biggie...

What the heck is a supplement anyway?

Well, a supplement is something you add to an existing process, in this case, our lifestyle.

If we add the best supplement in world to a couch potato's lifestyle there may be some increase in health, but not a lot.

The first step, then, is to choose a good lifestyle...THEN the supplement.

Get the lifestyle going and THEN worry about the other questions.

Speaking of which, those off-the-shelf supplements are mass-produced for mass sales, which includes keeping the price low. Often, you keep the price low by cutting a corner or leaving something out.

Don't get me wrong, what you see on the label is probably what you are going to get, and there will be a certain degree of purity of product that you can rely on. There will be a lot of research on the quality of the product before it hits the shelf.

However, at Shaklee, in addition to the way the others do it, there is a lot of research done on the effectiveness of the supplements. After all, no matter how "good" a supplement is, it is what it does for you that really matters. Take the supplements in the Essential Nutrition section. You can rest assured that they have not only been tested for effectiveness, but are continually tested as well.

You can always rely on Shaklee supplements having natural effective ingredients.

P.S. No animal testing!